Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wycliffe campus ministry pictures

Hi friends,
Our month leaving Winona has gone so fast. We had a great time with family at Horn Creek Ranch over Thanksgiving. The kids all had a blast.
We started work here at Wycliffe on Dec. 4th with orientation and started work on Friday the 5th.
There is always so much to do that most people work between 30-40 hrs per week.
It is great to meet people around our age who are from so many different states.

Our day starts with devotions with all the volunteers at 8 a.m. then we all head out to our job for the day.
The pictures that I am sending will show you where we live and work. The contstuction picture is where John works.
I am presently baking and serving about 30 plus for coffee break twice a day. Jan. 1 I start working at the cafe here at Wycliffe which alot of Campus Crusade folks visit frequently plus many others. Dec. is usually slow but come Jan, it will pick up alot.
It sounds like I will also be helping with the special events where setting up, decorating and serving food is involved but we will wait and see what happens with that. The gal in charge has asked for me to help her with these events.
The Weather!!! Well, I hate to tell you that it pretty much stays around 70-80 everyday.
It truly is beautiful here and we praise the Lord for the ability to serve . Merry Christmas to each of you. Keep in touch. We are praying for you all at home. bye for now.


Barb said...

Way to go Loretta!! Looks like another world. It's wonderful of you two to serve the Lord. And the bonus of green grass, palm trees, and warmth!!! John should be very proud of his wife's big accomplishment here. Great blog!

Paul Merrill said...

Thank you for serving the Lord there at Wycliffe's US headquarters. I hope it's a great time.

Blessings in the new year...

-Paul Merrill for Wycliffe's The Seed Company